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Wall of Frame

Updated: May 13, 2022

Me and my buddy thEjOn met up to fill in some of the frames that was available in an underground close to Kannik in Stavanger City.

I didnt get finished with my work cause i was freezing cold, back pain and out of sigarettes. So i left the spot at hungry and cold. 🥶 Ill post the finished piece as soon as its complete :)

Thanx a million to thEjOn who inspired me to do streetart and helping me out with different tips and tricks 😊

We had such a great time :) I love beeing out doing streetart ❤️

Wall of Frame

Getting somewhere

Not finished, but at least its something :)

New day, more details.

Since the theme already is about "Frames", I figured to add multiple frames expanding from inside to the outside and so the main frame becomes part of the artwork.

Looks much bettet without the masking tape 🙂

Adding some skies to the new frames.

Not finished but much better 🙂

I also made a "Free USB Charging Point" while i was waiting for the paint to dry :)

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