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The Search For Patterns in White Noise

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

The white sparkling sharp light in high contrast to the noisy vibrating pure blackness, is a mystical thing. There is a transcending calm feel in it. It silence the mind and slow things down, the signal is hypnotic, alien and electric with a hissing vibe.

This crazy device is an unbelievable highly advanced masterpiece of a chemical steampunk machinery !

Since all the new screens on the marked is built on a totally different technology, they all have a built in fake white noise generated by the TV,

This is just some random man made noise of course I need to have the real deal, straight from the source.

Stay tuned to follow the progress of this project as i deep search for patterns in the white noise... more to come.

---- ( ( More content coming soon ) ) ----

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Mar 27, 2022

yo thats pretty wild. i would use ai tech learning to cut down on time

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