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Regulations affect my studio

Photo by Chipset Visual

There is a new regulation plan for Sandnes Kommune that will affect how I use my studio. The regulation is a default setting that counts for some of the cultural buildings in Sandnes and it has to pass a set of approved details.

Direction regarding the construction, how the floor is planned and stuff like that. This is so it can apply for us humans to stay safe and secure inside my awesome gallery.

IviMoArt Studio / Julemarked at Varatun Gård

Because of this I can no longer use my place as an atelier, studio or workshop, and it can only be used for exhibitions and storage.

I found this to be strange, cause there is no danger in my studio. I got sprinklers, gas alarm, security alarm, fire alarm, ventilation, no explosives and direct access to the outside world. Only Low Energy Devices and Peace on Earth running this place.

"Hello World" this is my gallery

But I need to respect the regulation plan in order to keep my place open as an art gallery. Since I put my heart and soul into renovating this place,

I'm really desperate to keep it alive and make it eternal.

This is my baby, my heart and my purpose in life.

Machinery running the AV-Art Installation

Everyone is still always welcome to my art exhibition every Sunday to support the community and experience my Artwork,

the Audio/Video Art-Installation, the Interior Art, the Environment

and eat some waffles in the cafeteria surrounded with art from other artists.

Varatun Gård / Sandnes

All together I'm super happy and thankful to keep it open. Through the process of creating this place, I got to meet so many awesome people, and gained a huge network of artists, musicians, DJ's and awesome random humans, from all around the world. So I'm really grateful for all that has happened since I started this journey.

Sandnesposten / Jostein Olsen

A very special thanx goes out to Varatun Gård and Jostein Olsen who has been patiently supportive and probably nervous about all my crazy ideas and projects. But I will always respect the house rules and do everything I can to make Varatun Gård an even more attractive place to go visit.

Much love to Jostein and all the people involved running this beautiful place, Varatun Gård ❤

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