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Commodore 64

I believe there is true magic in old gaming consoles. The original once that survived the journey through time and black holes. This xmas to my surprise, I got the best present ever from my super cool wife.

A nasty brown nicotine glazed device from back in time.

Commodore 64 just woke up from Hibernate State to Power Town.

First we hit the 80's playlist to catch the vibe from the environment sound, every cable and device perfectly connects together in the underground.

The set and setting transcends a distant feeling, based on memories from far away. We are the humans of 76' who just found the perfect game to play.

But as we start typing the load command, absolutely nothing comes out as planned.

This keyboard is totally dead. The words we type, only comes out in our head.

Could it be a bad connection on the motherboard? I guess we need to open this beauty now, please help me lord.

This is the 1983 version of the Commodore and I'm stoked by the simplicity of the Circuit Board. It could be a failure in one of the 6526 CIA Chip Jan Erik Olsen has a broken Amiga 500 that uses exactly the same shit.

I open the amiga to pull the chip out,

and replace this thing without a doubt.

The CIA chip from the amiga really did the trick, but now there is another error after we flipped the chip.

We had to order a new chip from the internet to fix the GFX failure.

You need to stay posted to see if it becomes our savior.

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